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The Collins Family strives to bring education and transparency to consumers; from cow to glass.   We advocate for all agriculture, as the backbone of our communities since the beginning of time.


We want everyone to have the opportunity to know their farmer and ask questions.  We love what we do, and want to share it with all of you!  


How did we end up here?

John and Sam are a first-generation farm family. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they made the move to milk processing after receiving a letter from their Dairy Co-Op regarding quotas that would restrict payment to 85% of the raw milk being produced on the farm, as well as witnessing farmers dumping milk throughout the state. They believe the move to milk processing will provide stability and viability to their farm, not only for themselves but for their two children; Cody and Charlie.

They developed a brand and worked with a co-manufacturer to begin bottling a portion of their milk for sale direct to consumers. John renovated an existing gazebo on the property, and in July 2020, they raised the open flag and sold their first gallon of milk from their own cows that day, an experience that was both scary and humbling. They had no idea if their local community would even want what they had to offer. But, the surrounding families showed up for the Collins’ – over and over again.

Since then, they have grown to serve many wholesale accounts throughout Madison and Oneida County. They are proud to serve their direct community through their self-serve store at the farm. They have recently finished construction on their on-farm processing facility.

They are proud to serve their local community and play a small part in the local food movement in their region. They are thankful for the opportunity to raise their children on the farm. But most of all, they are grateful to those choosing to support local family farms.

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